Estate Activities

Walking and Picnicing
Guests are more than welcome to explore the estate on foot, whether it be the river banks or the hill.  Chesthill is an ideal base for those keen on more hill walking, with a number of Munros within easy reach.  A picnic site and table is also provided next to one of the prettiest pools on the river. 

Nature Walks and Photography Stalking
A new option available all year excluding September and October.  Tenants will be escorted by Ainster, with whom they will discuss what nature they most want to see, and construct the day accordingly.  Binoculars recommended. Dogs on leads.  Argocat included (subject to availability).  Unlimited people (although max 6 in Argocat).  Subject to Ainster being available.

A visit to the Hill Loch 
A wonderful day out on a calm, dry day.  Tenants can walk up in about 2 hours, or Ainster will drive them most of the way and take a picnic to the loch-side in the Argocat. Once there, the views are stunning and the loch (pictured below) is well stocked with brown trout which can be fished from the bank or the rowing boat.  Argocat; rowing boat; unlimited people (although max 6 in Argocat).  Subject to Ainster being available.

Salmon Fishing
Please see the salmon fishing section  for the latest fishing news on the estate, you can also take a look at our Blog.

Trout Fishing
Please see the trout fishing section.

Deer Stalking
South Chesthill has a large and healthy population of red deer, and wonderful terrain for stalking.  Please see our deer stalking page for more information.

We have a small breeding stock of grouse on the hill.  For several years we haven’t been letting the shooting in order to rebuild the stock.