Trout Fishing

The river Lyon enjoys clean, clear water, good for fish amongst other wildlife.

The South Chesthill stretch of the river extends to nearly 6 miles of single and double bank fishing. It is lined in many areas by birch, hazel, beech, oak and sycamore in which insects live, providing a rich food source. It has shallow, fast running sections with large boulders for protection from the sun and predators.

As such the river offers some of the best trout fishing in Perthshire, if not the whole of Scotland. And South Chesthill enjoys some of the best trout stretches on the Lyon, with long stretches packed with trout.

The record for one day stands at over 50 trout to a single rod (the fly in question is a closely guarded secret!).

We recommend waders for trout fishing, but with a decent cast and a pair of wellies you will be able to access most of the best water.

As with salmon fishing, priority for trout permits is given to those staying on the estate, in either Chesthill House (sleeps 16, no charge for trout permits) or Gardener’s Cottage (sleeps 4, trout permits £10 per day per rod).

For those not staying on the estate, trout permits are available from the estate keeper at a charge of £15 per day. Please book via FishPal.

It is a criminal offence to fish for non-migratory fish without a permit or written permission.