Trout and Salmon Magazine Article

Here is the wonderful story of Malloch Trophy winner Tom Buchanan, who caught his winning salmon on the Lyon in April 2015.

Excerpt from The Field, May 2016:

“The winner of the 2015 Malloch Trophy is Tom Buchanan for a 35lb spring salmon caught on the River Lyon in Perthshire.  Buchanan said winning the trophy “is the best news I have ever had in my entire fishing career”  The salmon was landed on 16 April in Rock pool on the South Chesthill water, where the winner has fished for 43 years.

“Having been fortunate enough to land a number of large salmon, I knew as soon as it took that this was a big one.  It ran be all over the place – my rod was bent double for 20 minutes and I felt very much the underdog,” recalls Buchanan.  The fish was eventually banked with Buchanan’s home-tied small Monkey fly holding on by a thread and the book twisted and bent.  The salmon was measured using the markings on the rod, then returned to the water, where he swam away strongly.”

This piece was followed by a fuller article, published in the July 2016 issue of Trout and Salmon Magazine, where Craig Somerville fishes with Malloch Trophy winner Tom Buchanan, “on the estate where dreams come true”.  Click here to read it.

Tom and the salmon

Fisherman Tom Buchanan and the winning 35lb salmon