2015 Fishing Review

This has been an exciting year on the river.  In April Tom Buchanan, who has fished the Lyon for 43 years, caught a 35lb salmon in Rock pool which won the Malloch trophy for the best salmon caught and returned using a fly in Scotland – Scotland’s most prestigious fishing award.  This is the largest salmon caught on a fly on our stretch of the Lyon since our records began in 1953 (with only two larger in that time – a 36lber caught in 1966 on a spinner; and a 38lber caught in 1973 on a worm).  For most of the year, conditions were broadly positive in a wet spring and summer until September when the sun came out.  In August three generations of the Harvey party were successful, including firsts for 8, 11, and 13 year olds!

The season ended with 65 salmon caught in total, roughly in line with the five year average.  Of these, 8 were 15lbs or over.  In addition, several outings to the newly restocked hill loch were enjoyed and a few very large brown trout were caught including 3lb 12 oz by Archie Ramsay aged 3 and a bit (author nearly burst with pride; fisherman nearly dragged into the loch!).  The new Shepherd’s Hut by the loch has been a success and we will be adding a table and more benches in time for the spring.


I thought tenants might enjoy a breakdown of our most productive pools on the river over the last 25 years.  Below you will see that Balintyre comes out top.  In comparison to the period 1953 to 1989, the deep pools better suited to spinning, worms and prawns have decreased (e.g. Bridge down 57%, Black Bridge down 63%) and the pools well suited to the fly (Balintyre up 71%, Gate up 121%, Rock up 119%, Boulder up 121%) have increased.  Interestingly Island has decreased slightly (down 19%, not sure why) and Peter’s has too, perhaps it is filling in a little, but also due to being forgotten about at the bottom of the beat!