FishPal Malloch Trophy 2015 Winner!

The estate has some exciting news – the winner of the FishPal Malloch Trophy has been announced, and the fish was caught on the South Chesthill Estate! The successful angler is Tom Buchanan from Barrhead in Glasgow for a 35 lb salmon caught on the River Lyon back in April. You can read the full story in our blog post, ‘A Big Salmon’.

The Fishpal Malloch Trophy

Tom commented on the win, “Winning the FishPal Malloch is the best news I have ever had in my entire fishing career. Having been fortunate enough to land a number of large salmon, I knew as soon as it took that this was a big one. It ran me all over the place – my rod was bent double for 20 minutes and I felt very much the underdog. The fish was eventually banked with the wee fly holding on by a thread. The hook was twisted and bent out of all recognition. I measured him with my rod from the fork of his tail. I got him back in to the water quickly and he soon swam off with full power. I had a big lump in my throat”.

At the FishPal Malloch Trophy Committee meeting on December 16th several contenders were considered. Mr Buchanan’s entry, which fulfilled the relevant criteria including best evidence, was endorsed as the winner for 2015. His name will be engraved on the Tay Foundation’s trophy, joining an illustrious list of previous winners which stretches back four decades. He will also receive a replica Malloch Trophy, a Mackenzie DTX rod, a £250 FishPal voucher and a box of salmon flies from Caledonia Fly Company. The trophy will be on display at House of Bruar.

Angler Tom Buchanan and the 35lb salmon

Angler Tom Buchanan and the 35lb salmon

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