Restocking the Hill Loch

The Hill Loch was restocked with trout yesterday, and despite heavy rain and hail showers, all went well.  The loch sits at 2000ft above sea level, making access very weather dependent, so this was the third attempt. Up until now,the never ending winter had produced bad snow drifts making it impossible get the fish safely to the loch.

The brown trout weigh about 1lb, and among them a few larger ones have been selected to test the anglers! The trout are sourced from Inverness Fish Farming, who are based at Delfour hatchery in the Cairngorms. Due to this hatchery’s altitude, the trout do very well in our Hill Loch.

The trout travel in an oxygenated tank with about a ton of water. When they are on the hill, they are then transferred to a smaller oxygenated tank, although this is still almost half a ton. This smaller tank is then transported via Argo cat to the loch. On arrival, they are gently released, where they will soon start feeding.

Visits to the Hill Loch are a wonderful day out on a calm, dry day.  Tenants can walk up in about 2 hours, or Hamish will drive them most of the way and take a picnic to the loch-side in the Argocat. Once there, the views are stunning and the brown trout can be fished from the bank or the rowing boat.  Argocat; rowing boat; unlimited people (although max 6 in Argocat).  Subject to Hamish being available. Charges apply.